30 days WHAT

First thing is first, a big shout out to ALL moms out there and I mean all Happy Mother's Day. I hope your Sunday has been wonderful and that this week will be filled with positive energies so your days will be filled with joy. I'd like to assess my 30 day goals and I'd... Continue Reading →

End of Semester Blues

I have never had the end of the semester blues so badly. I can't wait for it to end. I have been sick on and off from the last bit of March into April. Of course this has put a damper in my workout regimen. Luckily portion control and sticking to healthy food has been... Continue Reading →


So I had originally started 21 Day Fix in March, I was chugging along nicely when suddenly I was hit with the rotavirus, double ear infection, and an infection in my finger ( like what the heck? I know my immune system is questionable but sheesh! celiac disease, endometriosis, and PCOS they do a number... Continue Reading →


A good chunk of my Saturdays are now filled with a math bridge class. I've never been a morning person so working toward that. I need to fit my staturday back in, during the morning that is.  I am excited though! Second Saturday of math for four hours. I pack my shakeology, some healthy snacks.... Continue Reading →


 Share one thing you’ve improved on since you’ve begun your journey to being happy, healthy, and whole! This was the daily post for my free group on Facebook. Seriously! Thinking about where you were and how far you've come.  I shared a picture of myself stretching, touching my ankles. Before I started my journey back... Continue Reading →


 ASK YOURSELF why exercise? Why workout? What are some of your reasons? I know some people hate the words exercise or workout, but ask yourself why that is. Work on seeking more positive words to associate with exercise. Exercise to sustain or improve. Workout vigorously (I like that word vigor- determination, energy, strength, zeal, passion,... Continue Reading →

Tip Tuesday 

So very short,quick, and to the point. My tip for today is knowing what sort of ailments and diseases, health conditions run in the family. Striving for health and wellness is the key. What can you do to prevent future health problems for you and your family? What sort of habits do you want to... Continue Reading →


Totally rocked it today. Did well with eating and worked out with a friend today. Introduced her to Shaun T and Hip Hop Abs an oldie but a goodie. I really enjoyed myself! Was totally pumped to workout with someone and show them just how awesome Beachbody can be. Her abs were a burning after! ... Continue Reading →

Thirsty Thurs 

Okay my peoples wherever you are...out there.... today is the day.... if you haven't been.... to drink all the H2O your body truly needs! Get to it! 😁 Fit Coach Lexx 

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